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Written by July 1st, 2008 at 5:20 pm

LIST PRICE: $783.99

I believe that any songwriter whose primary instrument is the acoustic guitar ought to have a special guitar for writing appointments. For one thing, it lessens the stress on your primary performing guitar. Songwriting sessions are informal affairs where instruments get dinged, kicked, stepped on and otherwise abused. For another thing, a songwriter’s primary performing guitar is often a big-bodied dreadnaught that is inconvenient to lug around. For songwriting sessions, I like a smaller-bodied guitar that fits in a compact gig bag, but not one so small that it has the tone of a Tiny Tim ukulele.

I have spent the past couple of weeks playing around with the Guild GAD M-20, a “small concert style” guitar with effortless action, 20 frets, a beautiful solid mahogany body and neck and a tone to match. The guitar is compact, but it’s not one of those mini instruments that project a tiny sound. The top moves enough air to do justice to the song you’re writing and trying to fall in love with, and if you find yourself in front of a mic with this instrument, you’ll be more than pleased with the results; to my ear, this guitar has got the goods. There are folks who can hear a guitar played and comment in detail on the instrument’s responses to various frequencies. I certainly don’t claim to have an ear like that. I just know I like the way this guitar feels, looks and sounds. It doesn’t clog up my trunk, and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space anywhere. In short, it’s a great guitar to lug around. The high gloss polyester finish is so glorious that those inevitable dings and scratches you pick up along the way might bother you, and for all I know, the finish might be ding-resistant. (I wasn’t about to try and find out.) By the way, it comes with a very nice hard-shell case, but as I say, I like a little gig bag for my guitar.


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