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Written by July 1st, 2008 at 6:05 pm

LIST PRICE: $3,798.00
WEBSITE: Taylor Guitars

Taylor has always set high standards for creating acoustic guitars with the recognizable Taylor sound. It’s no surprise that the new Taylor Solid Body comes from that same genetic line of tone.

Similar to the Taylor T-5, the Taylor Solid Body utilizes a five pick-up combination, as opposed to the standard treble and rhythm combo found on most solid bodies. Sandwiched between the neck pickup and the bridge pickup are three distinctive options-all designed for more tonal possibilities. These options create a subset of that skinny Strat-funk sound associated with a neck pickup, and the crunchy, fatness of the bridge pickup.

This guitar offers two pickup options; the Classic, Custom 3/4 size humbucker pickup option delivers the bulk of that bright Taylor tone, while the standard full-size humbucker provides more traditional rock power. By intertwining and combining these two pickups through the five-way switch, a wide range of tonal flavors can be achieved.

There are two sleek, silver tonal control knobs on the thin, dark glossy body. The latter of the two, when turned to the maximum position, boosts the mids into peaking position (similar to the Mid booster found on most newer model American Telecasters). The only difference is that the Taylor allows you to control the amount of boost you want, while most guitars out there with this option take the all-or-none approach.

The lightweight, thinly designed and smaller body shape are all major players in producing the sound of this guitar. The bright tones of the traditional Taylor acoustic have, without a doubt, evolved and made their way into the Solid Body gene line. If you’re looking for that raw grit found in a Les Paul, you might want to stray away. But if you’re seeking a delicate Taylor-esque sound with punchy overdrive capabilities, this is a great purchase.


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