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Nat Daniel had an idea. Electric guitars were all about the neck. To cut costs for the Silvertone guitars his company, Danelectro, started making for Sears in 1963, he used the cheapest body he could find: masonite! But for the fingerboard he used rosewood…and, ahhh, how it is sweet!

Fans of the 1960s Silvertone 1457L model will be pleased with the Dano ‘63. They’ve recreated the famous “lipstick” pickups, known for that twang. The guitar is lightweight, with a maple neck and handsome rosewood fingerboard. Even unplugged the guitar has a surprising bounce and jingle. Plug it in and you get a thin, punk-y tone for the bridge pick-up. The middle position combines the two lipsticks, which are linked in series (thus doubling the output for a fatter tone), all the while holding onto the distinctive twang.

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