The Empire State Building To Light Up For The Grateful Dead

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The Empire State Building will burst into tie-dye lighting October 19 in honor of the Grateful Dead. The special lighting ceremony is in celebration of the opening of an exhibit at the New York Historical Society honoring the band. The tie-dye color scheme harkens to the iconic group’s original imagery and psychedelic influences.

On October 21, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh will attend a charity fundraiser to celebrate the opening of The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New York Historical Society, an exhibit cataloguing the career and accomplishments of one of America’s most socially influential bands. Through an extensive variety of media, even including fan mail, the exhibition explores the history of the band from 1965-1995. A section of the exhibit chronicles the social phenomenon of the band’s most dedicated fans, the Deadheads.  Most of the exhibitions materials were contributed from the extensive collection of the Grateful Dead Archive at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Recently, the Empire State Building was lit red and yellow in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Republic of China.  Tonight’s tie-dye lighting, though less controversial, is sure to be a sight to see and one not soon forgotten.


  • Amy Zimmerman

    All good thing in all good time!

  • jason mayer studio

    Yes! I wish i was in NYC to see it in person.

  • Abstker

    hell yeah man! go the Dead! i wish i was there to see that man! sounds amazing! i hope people put up pictures of it!

  • Tim

    pls get a pic

    Cali deadhead thx

  • idolmakerjack

    Posted some on twitter or search flikr. cool stuff

  • Mary Ann

    My son, Ross, wishes he could be there. However, he’s in
    jail – he signed a false name (on probation and out of county w/o
    permission) up to Lewis County. It was considered a felony -
    forgery – and it’s been a legal nightmare since. Ross loves the
    Dead. Any good Deadhead lawyers out there who might be able to

  • matte

    wow what a long strange trip its been! Makes me relive my first GD show at the Fillmore East!

  • Jason Mayer Studio

    Yeah this is dope. for real.

  • Jason Mayer Studio

    This is so so sick!!!
    Jason Mayer Studio

  • Jason Mayer Studio
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