Lyric Of The Day: “Straight In At 101″

Written by February 4th, 2010 at 7:00 am

los campesinos!

I condescend a smile
And wink directly at the camera
And leave you laying in both our scents
As I tiptoe out the back door
I skid down icy streets
And view my face in the reflection
Of a High Street lingerie store
Though it wasn’t my intention
I phoned my friends and family
To gather round the television
The talking heads count down the most heart-wrenching break ups of all time
Imagine the great sense of waste
The indignity, the embarrassment
When not a single one of that whole century
Was mine

- Written by Gareth. Appears on the Los Campesinos! album Romance Is Boring.

Straight In At 101 – Los Campe…


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