Warm Ghost

Written by February 14th, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Warm Ghost

If there was such a thing as a warm ghost, it would probably sound like the music that Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy have created on Uncut Diamond, a new EP on Partisan Records, the label behind rock and roll and folk artists like Deer Tick and Mountain Man. The name Warm Ghost says a lot about the band’s music. It creates a juxtaposition of temperatures, conjuring up the frigidity and lifelessness of death with the sunny disposition of a warm day at the beach. Somehow, the duo make it work. On Uncut Diamond, which features remastered tracks from last year’s Claws Overhead EP (Geographic North), Warm Ghost create soundscapes that could have soundtracked scenes from the Star Wars frozen ice planet, Hoth. On the song, “Claws Overhead,” cheap drum machines are a bed for an army of buzz-saw synths and echoing background sounds. Warm Ghost’s music brings together the ambient, forgotten film soundtracks of the ’70s with indecipherable vocals that swim through your head. Get burned or be frozen – your choice.


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