Ryan Adams Names His Favorite Alt-Country Song

Written by March 31st, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Ryan Adams took to Facebook today to post a video of his favorite alt-country song… and no, it isn’t by Whiskeytown, Jason and the Scorchers, The Jayhawks, Iris Dement or Uncle Tupelo.

Adams reserves that honor for “I Remember You,” the 1989 MTV and radio hit from New Jersey hard rock band Skid Row. “This is probably my favorite alt-country song ever written,” he writes. “The solo is unreal. Like a lazer dancing through the mind of a vaporized panther-beast.” Which is how we’ve always thought of it too.

Sing along to Sebastian Bach’s magnum opus below (from back in the days when the youth was wild, and couples left love letters in the sand).

Adams is currently in the studio with producer Glyn Johns prepping his next studio album.

  • peter Gerstenzang

    You know I really love Ryan Adams’s work. But he is losing me with every stupid, intentionally cheesy, look-at-me! Gen Y statements.

    Skid Row is unbelievably awful, with a skeevy, half-wit homophobic lead singer and a clunky-ass rhythm section.

    Ryan I’m sorry about your hearing problems. Couldn’t you just go mute instead?

  • Tobe pickford

    Hey, harsh words. Skid row weren’t that bad, a half baked version of GnR, I must admit. Ryan Adams is an awesome writer. His songs are extracted painfully from the depths of his soul and needs to recharge on the absurdity of life, so give him a break.

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