Watch: Jessica Lea Mayfield Live At The SXSW Billy Reid Shindig

Written by March 21st, 2011 at 9:32 am

photo by Jamie Younger

Jessica Lea Mayfield, the sultry alt-folk crooner from Kent, Ohio, delivered a great set at the Billy Reid/K-Swiss SXSW Shindig Wednesday. Watch this performance of “I’ll Be The One You Want Someday,” the opening track on her Dan Auerbach-produced album Tell Me. And check out our upcoming feature on Mayfield in the May/June issue.

Jessica Lea Mayfield at SXSW Billy Reid Shindig from American Songwriter on Vimeo.

  • Violet Preece

    I really don’t get this trend of these monotone weak-voiced women. Caitlin Rose is another. If they appear a little looks, have a southern drawl and can hold the same note repeatedly they’re hailed as ‘indie.’ Be honest everyon-if you saw her and knew nothing of her image and association with JTE you’d say WTF!?

  • Violet Preece

    *appear to have something in the looks dept., that is. My angst blinded my ability to have a complete thought, apparently. But when there are women like Chelsea Williams and Debby Clinkenbeard out there, I ask, WTF?!

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  • Anna M

    I have to say, this video seems to not be of Jessica Lea Mayfield at her best, but I’ve been going to see her live shows for about 3 years now, and she is actually really talented. She has a sultry, soulful voice that doesn’t quite come across in this particular clip. Just saw the above comment and had to stand up for her.

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