James Durbin Moves Himself To Tears On American Idol

Written by April 6th, 2011 at 8:11 pm

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame night on American Idol meant no songs from Pocahontas or the dreaded Celine Dion catalog. Instead, contestants sang Elvis, Aretha, and in high-pitched rocker (and Hulk Hogan worshiper) James Durbin’s case, The Beatles.

Durbin picked “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” even though his mentors, producer Jimmy Iovine and the inescapable Will.i.am, warned him that he might be overshadowed by those singing more uptempo material. But Durbin stuck to his guns, and ended up making himself cry in the process. Awww! The judges applauded his risk-taking behavior, although it’s ironic that singing one of the most iconic, beloved Beatles songs of all time could be considered risky.

“I was really emotional because that song was for my family,” explained a homesick Durbin afterwords. Later, teenage country crooner Scotty McCreery rocked his way through “That’s All Right” like he was onstage at Robert’s Western World, and got mobbed by screaming girls directly after. The evolution of Scotty from “humble” to “cocky” continues.

What did you think of the performances? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Linda S. Servedio

    I loved James from the first time I layed eyes on him.. To me he’s a true muscian. He cares alot about the music inside. I can see that just the way he sings.. His choice of songs have inpressed me and I’m sure to many others. His love for the Beatles also touched my heart.. I give him 10 thumbs up. And I hope he wins.. God Bless him..

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  • http://none Mark Keller

    Ok I’ll give this a try; after reading comments that seem to miss my take. Overall, I’ll be downloading the itune compaltaion it was that good, as most of the song’s I wanting to her on the full version. The final nine episode, seemed to be for me a botch by the Pros with the talent they were given. Will iam, with all do respect regured some advice, but his own thoughts were incoherent most of the Time. Musically, I thought the entire back up players sounded more like contestants, come on, Can’t Hollywood find a credible Johnny Cash lick?

    James Durbin: This tough, while I haven’t connected with the more testosterone pulsed songs, the heyday of Rock did include ballads that made the legends real with sadness of their own. I think his vocal actually revealed him to be even more a talented singer this week and left me wanting more, while knowing the electricity is still there anytime he wants to use it.

    Scotty Mcreery: Why no else is saying this I don’t know, but I heard a couple of Genuine Elvis moments, where if you closed your eyes you’d be unable to distinguish who was singing. Real promise there of resurrection of a style and energy missing for far to long. Get over the the boyish inexperienced stuff, true for now, but meteoric memories to come in the near term.

    Haley: This girl’s got it if you consider her AI performances. I for one loved Blue and the yodel; Benny and the jets; vocals were iconic, and Janis was given a drugless makeover. Most see her as a middle of the Pack Race horse, but the Philly has the legs to thunder in the stretch.

    Lusk;, Anybody who can pull off MJ is around for good! Still working out who he is, a gold mine best describes him; more inside that outside for now as the voice hides it. Looking at the body moves, I see Ali quickness, and John Randell’s motor; fury, electricity and volume waiting to be refined for the pop market.

    Toscano: meh, I’ve watched any and all “other” videos of her New York stage gigs: same act, bigger stage; probably has the biggest unearned voting block from Apple, that will skew things for a few weeks yet. Basically more of a self promo persona to me as She seems unwilling to give it up, and sings for the dollar to be made back home with her “circular reputation” Here because of New York, and big In New York because she was a finalist on Idol. All the while; saving her sexuality and heart for off stage I guess– the opposite of vulnerable.

    Stefano, not a fan, a courageous guy coming back with physical injuries,and with nearly the voice to be here. His version of Man loves a Woman was his best, vocal coaching paid off, otherwise, just not enough man for a woman right now.

    Laura; really starting to seem intimidated by the cacophonous”Pro” advice. More reserved each week, and diminishing her vivaciousness of the past. Don’t blame her much though, For the most part, the nine could all be runners up in previous seasons. She’s got the guns; just hope some “PRO” figures out how to put her big round on target.

    Casey: I’m a fan. The hardest of all to evaluate. I’ve watch many times over his performances especially his first audition and Georgia version; both more than good enough for encores at the the Grammy’s. Feeling mostly like the “Pros” are dulling the guy’s brilliance here. He should be teaching them! Maybe later in the season some guest will be equal to his grit and can actually polish the stone!

    Paul, ok not my favorite, but admire his gift. JC for me was more showmanship and set up mostly by Scotty’s Elvis, leaving us wanting more. So more of a mop up of what Scotty left, via the ‘two verses and out’ performance rule. Given that, not pop legend stuff but worth what you paid to be at a show.

  • hal

    The judges and audience need to look at these contestants realistically. None, of them are exciting or anything different. There isn’t a single singer that I look forward to every week – none of these kids are consistantly good. As for James Durbin, he is an average singer. Yes, he can do the high shrill notes. He doesn’t seem to know how to handle an entire song – flucuates between soft and shrill right in the middle of singing a line. Forget about his disability and family etc. etc and close your eyes and listen to him sing – would you really pay money to listen to him, I wouldn’t.

  • http://americansongwriter.com Susan

    James is a true performer and is so fun to watch on stage. His voice is remarkable. Pia sings like an angel but is not a performer. I want to be entertained and James does just that and does it to perfection. I would love to see America get it right and vote him the winner. He deserves it!

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