Jessica Lea Mayfield, “Our Hearts Are Wrong”

Written by May 23rd, 2011 at 9:29 am

Can you talk about how “Our Hearts Are Wrong” fits in with the other songs on Tell Me?

It almost didn’t make it on the record. I had partially written it but wasn’t too fond of it (of course I am my own worst critic). I played the first verse and chorus for Dan Auerbach and he was like, “Yea, that’s going on the record,” and immediately after those words we started working on putting it together and recording it.

What was the inspiration for writing “Our Hearts Are Wrong”?

I was thinking about liking someone but knowing that I really didn’t – that we were both too much alike and we would be a giant disaster. Also a member of the now-defunct band Cadillac Sky told my brother that his heart was wrong. Someone telling you your heart is wrong is crazy. Considering it’s all you have to listen to in order to know what’s right.

Do you remember what came first – a particular lyric or line, or the melody?

The first verse, surprisingly. The melody was one of the last things to come to me.

Do you remember where you were when you wrote it?

I had just come off a month-long tour, where I went from having every second taken by something to having all the time in the world to think. It’s pretty easy to write when all of my thoughts just sort of overwhelm me at once.

Did it come quickly or develop over time?

Definitely quickly, it all sort of came out like song vomit. Sometimes I’ll sit down and press record and sing and play something and have no idea what I just said until I press play. I keep my emotions locked up pretty tight, so a lot of my songwriting feels like it comes from that place.

“Our Hearts Are Wrong”

Hate has brought me up
The stairs into your house
I’ll not let hate be the one
To make me naked for you

My self-esteem
Is heating up the room
You’re intimidating as all hell
But I ain’t scared of you

I know how you work
I am just like you
No matter what you say
Our hearts are wrong
Our hearts are wrong

Love has brought me down
Like love’s been known to do
I try to deny with all my heart
That i’m in love with you

I don’t really care
You knew that’s what I’d say
The only time i miss you
Is every single day

I know how you work
I am just like you
No matter what you say
Our hearts are wrong

Our hearts are wrong
Our hearts are wrong
Our hearts are wrong

Written by Jessica Lea Mayfield


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