Daily Discovery: The Wans, “5 Spot”

Written by July 31st, 2012 at 9:56 am

ARTIST: The Wans

SONG: “5 Spot”

BIRTHDATE: 4/25/2011

BIRTHPLACE: Germantown, Nashville (Neuhoff Factory)

AMBITIONS: Writing. Pabst.

TURN-OFFS: Taylor Guitars & Clowns.

TURN-ONS: Gibson Guitars & Fuzz.

DREAM GIG: The Ryman & Glastonbury.

MY PREFERRED METHOD OF TRAVEL: My Ford Exploder… maybe an Astro Van.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Alison Mosshart… her voice is simply amazing.

WHAT MAKES A WOMAN SEXY: If she can write a song, that’s all I need.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: A pen, notepad, all of Black Sabbath’s records, Hendrick’s Gin, and a record player.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: a pen. I seriously have written lyrics all over my arms, the dashboard of my car, receipts, napkins… anything. When the idea comes, I have to write it down otherwise I’ll immediately forget. The best songs come quickly for me.

I WROTE THIS SONG: This song “5 Spot” is obviously about the 5 spot. I had a late night at one of the Monday night dance events where I saw all these wonderful people dancing and having the time of their lives. It inspired me to write about it. Dancing, drinking, and having fun!

Stream “5 Spot” and more music from The Wans at American Songspace.

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