Daily Discovery: Toy Soldiers, “Heart In A Mousetrap”

Written by July 23rd, 2012 at 8:00 am

ARTIST: Ron Gallo (of Toy Soldiers)

SONG: “Heart In A Mousetrap”

BIRTHDATE: September 29th, 1987


AMBITIONS: Don’t not be able to do things before I do all the things I gotta do. Not worry about money. Make good stuff forever. Tour with my favorite artists.

TURN-OFFS: stand-stills.

TURN-ONS: crushing it.

DREAM GIG: Play inside one of those paintings where all those musical legends and hero’s are unrealistically hanging out together at a club, catered by Bojangles that is good for you.

MOVIES I’VE SEEN MORE THAN ONCE: The Breakfast Club, Dead Man

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Francoise Hardy, Esperanza Spalding, Shannyn Sossamon


5 THINGS A MAN SHOULD OWN: Pocket T-shirt, tools for his trade (a working instrument, microphone, and amplifier), iPhone, Louis C.K. stand-up albums, and a good hat.

THINGS I LOVE THE MOST: Writing songs, playing shows, cleaning the house, sleeping in the car, chicken, campfire.

I WROTE THIS SONG: in about 20 minutes one night when I was on my way out the door. Maybe even to go hang out with the person who inspired the song. I was in limbo with a relationship, wasn’t sure where it was going. It was lighthearted, but I had trouble getting across to this certain someone. The line “…wherever you step is like a ghost in the night, whatever I say never seems right…” pretty much sums up the whole feeling behind the song. Couldn’t keep up, kept missing chances. However, it all worked out in the end!

Stream “Heart In A Mousetrap” and more music from Ron Gallo at American Songspace.

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