Listen: Jem Warren, “Heart Knows How”

Written by July 24th, 2012 at 2:31 pm

On his sophomore release, Heart Knows How, New York City singer-songwriter Jem Warren demonstrates a command of songwriting typically found among only the most celebrated artists of our era. His unique style, which combines the raw edge of Americana rock with the sensibility of acoustic folk, delivers a nuanced sound and temperament that seems to defy the boundaries of the singer-songwriter genre.

The album — deftly produced by New York producer Dominic Fallacaro — is indeed a roller-coaster of energy and style, from the funk-influenced “Making It Up To You” to the Nashville lilt of “If There’s a God.” But though Warren flashes many different colours and influences on this album, his true home seems to be grounded in earthy, acoustic balladry. The title track, featured below, represents Jem Warren at his finest and most confident.

To hear more of the album, visit or find it in the iTunes Music Store.


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