Daily Discovery: Josh Helms, “Great Country Song”

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Ronnie Milsap’s “Country Cut” Contest Finalist:

ARTIST: Josh Helms

SONG: ”Great Country Song”

BIRTHDATE: 5/30/81

BIRTHPLACE: Winter Haven, FL

AMBITIONS: To have my own super hero figurine, “Melody Man.” I would not fly, but I would still wear a cape because… well, I don’t feel like I need to explain that.

TURN-OFFS: 25 minute explanations of the 4 minute song that took you 15 minutes to write on your 30 minute lunch break.

TURN-ONS: Chinese electric waterfall signs, American music, Mexican food, Aztech Paintings, German Beer, French Fries.

DREAM GIG: Cinderella’s Castle stage in Walt Disney World. This is serious.

PETS: A dog named Presley (as in the King.)

TV ADDICTIONS: My favorite show used to be “Hoarders” until I discovered the show “Pet Hoarders” which is just like “Hoarders” except these people fill their houses with cats and chickens and such.

5 THINGS EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN: Leather boots, a Bear Grylls endorsed multi-tool, an acoustic guitar handed down by a Dad or Grandpa, a beard, a great story about how you broke your leg

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Angelina Jolie, but just so I could meet Brad Pitt. Then I would talk him into ditching her so we could hang out at the mall or catch a movie.

I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: gas in my truck.

I WROTE THIS SONG: by myself in my basement about a year ago. The references to places and people are real here in Nashville.

Stream “Great Country Song” by Josh Helms at American Songspace.

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