Ronnie Milsap’s “Country Cut” Contest: We Have A Winner

Written by September 4th, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Who wouldn’t want a country music legend to record their song?

Over the summer American Songspace hosted Ronnie Milsap’s “Country Cut” Contest. The winning song would be recorded by Ronnie and placed on his upcoming album. After every submission was reviewed, I met with Average Joe’s Head of A&R, Noah Gordon. We went into the studio to present Ronnie and long-time collaborator/producer Rob Galbraith with the finalists.

Rob, myself, Ronnie and Noah (pictured L-R, with Ronnie’s entourage in the background) listened to the tracks. Ronnie sang along to Derek Hoke’s “Goodbye Rock N’ Roll.” E, Turtle, and Drama loved “Do I Ever” by Jon Decious and David Kroll. Every song was considered, but by the end of the session… there were two left standing:

Allan Bullington/Larry Wayne Clark, “What I Wouldn’t Give” – New York, New York

James Farrell/Clay Evans, “Words” – Nashville, Tennessee

Ronnie and Rob asked for some time over the weekend to make their decision. Then, early this morning I received a text from Rob: We’re going with “What I Wouldn’t Give.” We intend to keep “Words” around though to consider for a later CD.

I called Allan Bullington to say, “Ronnie Milsap is going to record “What I Wouldn’t Give.” Allan told me he’s been writing songs his whole life, but no one has ever recorded anything of his until now. Congratulations to Allan and thanks to everyone that submitted a song for the “Country Cut” Contest. We enjoyed listening, and we’re excited to hear more music from you soon.

American Songspace is excited to announce another career-making opportunity for songwriters, The Pub Deal, open for submissions September 8, 2012.


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