Daily Discovery: Audrey Auld, “I’d Leave Me Too”

Written by October 17th, 2012 at 8:12 am

Musicians Corner Fall 2012 Winner:

ARTIST: Audrey Auld

SONG: “I’d Leave Me Too”

BIRTHDATE: Jan 14, nineteen sixty something.


AMBITIONS: To be true to myself and to the muse.

TURN-OFFS: Negativity and meanness.

TURN-ONS: Creativity, spontaneity, open-hearts, open-minds, kindness.

DREAM GIG: A band show at the Ryman.

TV ADDICTIONS: I grew up without TV so I don’t follow any specific shows. I did enjoy Desperate Housewives though!


I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT: House key, notebook, phone, Gypsy.

PETS: Dogs – Gypsy Joe Baker and Cora Lynn Mezera, 12 chickens, 3 bullfrogs.

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Lock up the chickens, lock the back door, say goodnight to Cora Lynn, adjust the house temperature, brush teeth, glass of water, turn down air-filter, say goodnight to Gypsy, snuggle husband.

I WROTE THIS SONG: after an argument with my partner, who made me feel dreadful about myself. I was sitting on the jetty outside our home in Woy Woy Bay, crying into the ocean when this song came. I didn’t realize the humor in it until I spoke to my sister on the phone later that day and she giggled.

Audrey Auld will perform on the Lightning 100 Acoustic Stage at Musicians Corner, Saturday October 20th in Nashville’s Centennial Park. Music begins at 2:30 PM and includes other performances from The Steel Drivers, Jonathan Winstead, The Honeycutters and Milktooth. Listen to “I’d Leave Me Too” and more music from Audrey at American Songspace

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