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Written by October 4th, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Thanks to Kimbra for taking part in our latest Twitterview, where fans get to tweet their questions to the artists they love. What have we learned today? That Kimbra has a favorite Pixar movie, and also, has some very inspired answers when it comes to her music.

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AmerSongwriter: Were there any songs on Vows that came very quickly, writing wise? @cosmicaroline

“Something In The Way You Are” and “Posse” came together very quickly! They both evolved really naturally.

AmerSongwriter: Where do you like to write songs? Can you write on the road or in the studio? @clorangetn

Kimbramusic: I write beats & record melody ideas on the tour bus with my laptop. But I like workin in my bedroom studio most.

Amersongwriter: Is there anyone you rely on to give you feedback after you’ve written a song? @givenskatie

Kimbramusic: I often go to my band for feedback, I trust their opinions & they understand the vision I am going for.

AmerSongwriter: Kimbra, where does your inspiration for such beautiful music come from? @kimbralover

Kimbramusic: From reaching into the unknown &striving for a psychedelia that encourages unity, love & higher consciousness

AmerSongwriter: what inspires your song writing, lyrically? @Danny8D

Kimbramusic: The need for catharsis.. contradictions in human nature.. paradox.. cosmic yearning.. ideals.. youth & fantasy.

AmerSongwriter: Do you get creative control over your music videos? @KHamauei

Kimbramusic: Absolutely. They are very collaborative & stem from a strong visual direction that is in place from the start.

AmerSongwriter: Your music videos are very theatrical, do you have any desire to pursue a career in acting? @antphelps

Not yet, but I am interested in writing more music for films as I loved working on the CD for #Frankenweenie!

AmerSongwriter: How do you write your lyrics? Does the instrumental come first, or do the lyrics inspire the song? @scargoe

Kimbramusic: Music generally comes first. A groove or melody will trigger images or an emotion, then I’ll go from there.

AmerSongwriter:  Are there any plans to record a few tracks in French on your second album? @antphelps

Kimbramusic: I still want to translate 1 or 2 off Vows! But I think I may do one from scratch. Always up for a challenge!

AmerSongwriter: Have you started working on your next album yet? If so, what kinds of songs do you have in mind? @mightynickel

Kimbramusic: I have lots of sketches for the next record but I plan on getting stuck in early next year. It’s a surprise!

AmerSongwriter: Do you pick your shows outfits yourself? @FosterTPCloud

KimbraMusic: Always! The dresses are either second hand that I buy from vintage stores or made by Australian designers

AmerSongwriter: Which of your songs is your favorite to perform? @iputmyrecordson

KimbraMusic: It changes, but right now I enjoy playing ‘Come Into My Head’ live. We like to go all out on that one!

AmerSongwriter: Do you think about making a south america tour sometime? @santii77

KimbraMusic: I would LOVE to come to South America & I always hear from fans in Mexico & Brazil! I hope it will be soon.

AmerSongwriter: when did you start singing, or decide you wanted to be a singer? @_chloechristine

KimbraMusic: I always loved singing but started taking songwriting more seriously when I picked up guitar at 14.

AmerSongwriter: Is the hair and make up you use in your videos go with YOU?, or they’re part of your character in video? @SrtaCrisMa

KimbraMusic: Bit of both. I see the visuals as an extension of the music, a part of me that is heightened in that context.

AmersSongwriter: what is your favorite Pixar movie? @baby_pendragon

KimbraMusic: ‘Wall-E’


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