Daily Discovery: Bleu, “All Downhill From Here”

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SONG: “All Downhill From Here”

July 18th

BIRTHPLACE: Greenbay, WI, but I grew up in Blacksburg, VA, and came-up in Boston, MA!

AMBITIONS: To keep entertaining and being entertained for the rest of my life.

TURN-ONS: Fearlessness — and pure, unadulterated talent.

TURN-OFFS: The arrogantly untalented — and the overly serious.


ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES: Blade Runner, Children Of Men, Super 8 (can you tell I like sci-fi?) and Beer Fest.

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: Seriously, there are sOo mAny wackos in my life – Ducky Carlisle, Wonda$how, Daniel Beddingfield, John Fields, Taylor Locke… moSt of my friends are (proudly) crAzy. I feel bad for leaving anyone out!

A nice watch, a flask and a bow tie.

CELEBRITY CRUSH: I know it’s cliche, but… Zoey Deschanel. I liked her pre-sitcom, but now that she’s added funny as hell to that singing voice — and her style… maybe I’ll get a chance to produce her one day.

MY GO-TO FEEL GOOD RECIPE: 2 1/2 parts Woodford Reserve bourbon, 1 part Carpana Antica sweet vermouth, a dash of Angostura bitters and a Luxardo cherry.

I WROTE THIS SONG: with Jez Ashurst from the incredible UK power-pop band Farrah. Although both of us are “professional-songwriters” we spent the day just satisfying our melodic and lyrical ids. This song will be on my next album.

Listen to “All Downhill From Here” and more music from Bleu at American Songspace.

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