Chris Janson, “Better I Don’t”

Written by January 16th, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Hardcore country artist Chris Janson’s debut single “Better I Don’t” is a well-written, clever ditty that could have you singing along well before the the chorus rolls around. The lyrics detail a handful of real-life experiences where he felt being truthful about the situation was probably not a good idea. He likes to booze, but realizes if he pushes it to far, he might “get on stage in nothin’ but my boots.”

While the world was first introduced to Janson as a co-writer of Tim McGraw’s recent hit “Truck Yeah,” “Better I Don’t” showcases the 26-year-old’s skills as a songwriter and performer. The single drops next week. Check it out below, or just wait until it comes over your truck’s radio.


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