The Civil Wars Release New Single, Album Details

Written by June 11th, 2013 at 11:43 am

When Joy Williams and John Paul White of indie-folk duo The Civil Wars cancelled all of their remaining tour dates last November, they left fans with the promise of new music to come in 2013. Now, seven months later, they’re holding true to their word with the release of the first single from their upcoming self-titled album, which drops August 6.

The single, titled “The One That Got Away,” feels reminiscent of their 2011 Grammy-award-winning debut Barton Hollow, but the question remains whether this album is proof of the band’s reconciliation or an omen of its demise. The lyrics “I wish you were the one that got away,” and the background image of smoke rising from an explosion in the song’s streaming video could certainly be interpreted as the latter, for those who wish to read that far into it.

The Civil Wars originally announced a summer hiatus when Williams gave birth to her first son, Miles Alexander, last June. Then on November 6, the band announced via their website that they would be canceling all remaining tour dates due to “Internal Discord And Irreconcilable Differences Of Ambition.”

White and Williams each released a personal statement about the upcoming release.

White: “Patience is a virtue. Yours has been appreciated. Here’s to the hope you consider it rewarded.”

Williams: “If you are reading this, I want to thank you for taking the time. I’m grateful for your patient support. I am very glad to say that new music is coming and I am fiercely proud of this album. A lot of soul, sweat and tears went into its creation. I hope you feel the heart in each song, that it might connect with yours. We are, each one of us, all journeying, learning and growing along this ever-evolving path. Hope this note finds you all well, wherever you are…”

The duo also released the track listing for the new album, and here’s hoping that it wont be their last.

The Civil Wars Tracklisting:

1. The One That Got Away
2. I Had Me a Girl
3. Same Old Same Old
4. Dust to Dust
5. Eavesdrop
6. Devil’s Backbone
7. From This Valley
8. Tell Mama
9. Oh Henry
10. Disarm
11. Sacred Heart
12. D’Arline

  • JakaAlreadyExists

    Yyyyyeeeeessssssssss! Just the fact that they made it to releasing another album gives me hope. They were always so incredibly close that it the likelihood of a down moment seemed like an inevitability. Here’s to hoping they’ve made it through the other side.

    However, I completely disagree that this sounds like ANYTHING from Barton Hollow. This song has electric guitar, a full drum set (at the end) and layers of atmosphere. Barton Hollow is almost completely just the two of them. This sounds much more like the track they did with Taylor Swift, which is not necessarily good or bad, just different. I’m going to need to hear the entire album before I decide, but this isn’t totaling knocking me over on first listen.

  • Lindsay

    I really wish I wasn’t such a cynic by wondering if this is just a last farewell dance at the cash register. The vaguenness and lack of any real comment about their future tends to support my suspicions. A great band, with a great chemistry and interesting song writing skills.

  • JakaAlreadyExists

    Ya know, I hadn’t read some of the stuff I’ve since read at the time I posted the above comment. I was clear on the fact that they cancelled the last tour, but I had no idea there was any chance they were actually “breaking up”. From what I’ve read in the last couple days it seems like that might be the case. Very unfortunate if it’s true. Because, yes, their song writing skills were interesting. Not unique, but interesting. And the way they harmonized was incredible. But live is where they were really special.

    I saw them live twice and I’ve downloaded a ton of other performances. The way they hold an audience, just the two of them up their alone, is quite incredible. I watched the stream of last years Bonnaroo performance (available on YouTube), which was (I believe) the largest crowd they’d ever played to, and they STILL held them tightly in the palm of their hands through the entire set. They knew it was special and so did the crowd. When they walked off stage that night I was expecting nothing but bigger and better things for them. It’s a shame how often those things don’t work out.

  • Lindsay

    I envy you a lot for seeing them live. Some of what you describe did come through in their videos, certainly enough to make me want to go see them perform. I’m from New Zealand and the closest we got was posters around town promoting their tour last year which of course they never made. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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