Album Premiere: Rusty Truck, Kicker Town

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You’ve seen Mark Seliger’s work before. He’s one of the modern age’s most popular rock & roll photographers, with more than 125 Rolling Stone cover shoots under his belt.

Now it’s time to hear Seliger’s work. A Texas native, he whips up a blend of roadhouse rock & roll, guitar-driven blues and Lonestar country on Kicker Town, his second album with Rusty Truck. Even when he puts down the camera, Seliger still knows how to frame a shot, and Kicker Town’s best songs evoke the dust-kicking swagger and big-sky beauty of his homestate.

“I think it’s my ‘country opera,” he tells us, “and with the help from my great friends in Rusty Truck, we tried to put a little western back into country.”

Stream the full album below.

  • Ziv

    Put yourself in this place: 1974, dove season, just before dusk, somewhere on a Breckinridge stock tank. You’re sitting in a cheap lawn chair in the back of a pick-up. A foam cooler full of Shiner beer, listening to music on a push button AM
    radio. This album is just like that. Thanks, Mark. I enjoyed your music.


  • Kmeanyo Murrell

    Just heard “Hold the Mayo” boy that brought back memories, thank you for songs from the heart! My first name is Mayo and I’m pushing 70-God Bless You.

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