Hear Jimmy Webb’s Guest Star-Packed Album Still Within The Sound Of My Voice

Written by September 3rd, 2013 at 10:14 am

Jimmy Webb began writing hit songs in the mid-1960s, back when he was a fresh-faced teenager inspired by everything from church music to Elvis Presley. 50 years later, the guy hasn’t lost his touch. Still Within the Sound Of My Voice takes a fresh look at his catalog, revving up a handful of old classics — including “MacArthur Park,” “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress” and “You Can’t Treat the Wrong Man Right” — with new arrangements and different duet singers.

Behind The Song: “Wichita Lineman”

The guest list is pretty impressive. Lyle Lovett, Carly Simon, Keith Urban, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Joe Cocker, Marc Cohn, America, Kris Kristofferson, Amy Grant, Brian Wilson, the Jordanaires and Art Garfunkel all take turns at the mic, while top-shelf pickers like Paul Franklin and Jerry Douglas handle the instrumental parts. It’s an album of heavyweights, in other words, and Webb — still singing pretty at 67 — presides over the whole thing like the godfather of modern-day Tin Pan Alley.

Take this baby for a spin before it officially hits the streets on September 10.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adimike55 Adrian Hickman

    Been looking forward to this CD since the last one. Really nice to see that there is more “deep catalog” among the hits. Still frakking amazing what has come from Jimmy’s creativity. And the renewed freshness to MacArthur Park by toning down the original’s orchestral grandiosity is not unlike hearing the stripped down LONG AND WINDING ROAD, or even Art Garfunkel’s re-do of ALL I KNOW.

    Getting my pre-order in soon. Thanks for the preview!

  • Tim Ryland

    Love these past two albums of duet reinterpretations, but I’d trade my granny for an album of all-new Jimmy Webb material.

    Kidding, Granny; figure of speech.

  • Kenneth Proudfoot

    Just gorgeous. Could listen all day all night to longings such as these.

  • Diane Sampson

    RUMER has such a beautiful voice – No wonder Jimmy loves her. She is AMAZING!

  • Herb Bushnell

    Love Jimmy Webb!

  • Driftin Cowpoke

    Jimmy’s sounding better than ever here. And the songs… what I can say. They will last forever.

  • Mike Joyce

    Fantastic. Jimmy writes songs that say what we feel, in ways we can not express but which also give us a deeper understanding of our own emotions and helps us through the troubled times we face in our own lives. He is my musical therapist.

  • William

    Thanks for letting us hear the entire album! Got it on pre-order!

  • Андрей Патаракин

    Really great !!!!!

  • Phil Miglioratti

    Ground breaking song when it hit the airways – still rocks just right. No one better than Brian Wilson to add smooth Beach Boys harmony to an already great song.

  • Angela M. Campbell

    The loves that have been, have died, these songs still linger on for the love for them that will last the rest of my life. Thank you Jimmy for this great album

  • Q_tips

    Saw Jimmy Webb and Michael Feinstein at the Gem Theater in Detroit a few years ago. Two grand pianos, two grand singers. Love Jimmy’s songs, he’s the best.

  • Quansoo

    Who mixed this??? There’s no blend, his vocals are far far too prominent. Imagine having Brian Wilson doing background harmonies that nobody can hear?

  • Bruce Cichowlas

    I liked the mix. Maybe it’s the sort of album that is best on headphones. I found all the instruments and vocals very clear. It just was interrupted now and then by my tears at all the beauty.

  • liseliddell

    i agree with you, Bruce. Jimmy Webb is a songwriter. The lyrics and vocals are what it’s about. If they get washed out by the music we can’t hear what Jimmy wants us to hear and we have no access to our tears. I am so happy about this record. I feel like i’ve found the needle in the music haystack of 2013.

  • John Hunter Phillips

    BRIAN WILSON IS GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad Saiontz

    I love your music. It doesn’t get better than this.

  • Robert Durante

    Jimmy Webb has been part of my music world since the mid 60′s what a wonderful performer and writer. His times with Richard Harris created magic for all of us.

  • dennymcgrath

    Flying in to see the great man perform his new ALBUM in London on the 3/11/2013 What an honour to spend time in this mans company and listen to him weave his magic Truly blessed

  • Guest

    I remember Linda ronstadt sang this.goose bumps1

  • Steve Wilson

    I remember Linda ronstadt singing this song! goosebumps!

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