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Written by September 16th, 2013 at 2:14 pm

band of heathens
Ahhh, Sunday morning. A time to sleep in. A time take it easy. A time to crush some awesome plates of brunch food.

Sunday Morning Record is a rootsy soundtrack for those slow-moving hours that round out the weekend. After three members left the group’s lineup in 2011, The Band of Heathens regrouped and retooled their sound, adding some softer textures to their gritty Americana. The result is an album that rolls as much as rocks, with harmonies, upright piano and acoustic guitar taking a bigger role.

“Musically speaking,” explains co-frontman Ed Jurdi, “it’s a bit quieter and understated, compared to some of the things we’ve done in the past. I think we were really looking to strip the sound down and give everything more air and space to breathe. Lyrically, it is a bit more introspective and personal than some of our previous outings; however, I think some of that inward looking actually allowed us to touch on some more universal topics. I think on a fundamental level, this album really explores the nature of relationships and how we change and move with them. We’ve always attempted to explore new territory and move in different directions with all of our records. I feel like we were able to keep that spirit alive on this album.”

Sunday Morning Record is out tomorrow.

  • John Enlow

    I’m a big BOH fan, but this record is just boring. If they want their audience to fall asleep, then it’s a success. I did like “Miss My Life” & “The Same Picture”, though. The lyrics to “One More Trip” were great, but the chords & melody were subpar for TBOH. Overall, this album is disappointing.

  • Jim Thompson

    Quite a departure, please re do, rock it up, Are you guys tryng to be the next James Taylor? I absolutely loved the first two albums.

  • Tommy Harris

    Love the new album, can’t wait to listen to it on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee.

  • Terri Bearden Cornwell

    I love this album. There is a time for rocking and a time for relaxing. Sunday Mornings are for relaxing and you guys get it. Great sounds. Love the fact that you are so diversified you aren’t redundant like some bands.

  • saltydawg77

    This one may take multiple hearings to grow on me. Haven’t decided whether to buy it, though.

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