Fender Airstream Session: David Bromberg

Written by October 10th, 2013 at 11:25 am

david bromber 2013 video
Fender invited us onto their traveling Airstream trailer for a session with legendary guitarist and songwriter David Bromberg during this year’s Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bromberg, who only plays two guitars — one of which is his prized 1952 Fender Esquire — sings a touching song for his wife from his new album Only Slightly Mad, breaks down the Americana genre and tells us about backing up Bob Dylan on Another Self Portrait.

  • Hooty Hootowl

    Luckily for me, I have been enjoying David’s music since 1973. A true American artist of the most versatile ability. Thanks Mr. Bromberg.

  • Jeremy Hooper

    Lucky enough to see Dave at the Cambridge folk festival in 1975. Called the Dave Bromberg band at the time. Still have the program. Saturday main stage two pm…guitar seminar…Stefan Grossman, Bert Jansch, Leo Kottke, Richard Thompson, David Bromberg.

  • David Hookjaw Green

    My lovely wife sent me this link. Forty years of listening to me write songs. We both love David Bromberg, and have for years. We have been listening to his CD – Only Slightly Mad….get it.

  • Richard Fallstich

    I count at least 7 guitars in the photo below. I’ve seen him live playing the Esquire, his Martin ‘signature’ and one or two of the other acoustic guitars. I’ve also seen him live playing a resonator several times. “..only plays two guitars” may not be entirely accurate.

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