Daily Discovery: What Up, English, “Come Down Slow”


ARTIST: What Up English (Noah, Jamie, Preston, Rob) SONG: Come Down Slow HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN CURRENT LOCATION: Somewhere in Cali. AMBITIONS: Release our next EP, make you dance, get your phone number. TURN-OFFS: Martin Lawrence, when you don’t look like your picture on Craigslist TURN-ONS: Great mixtapes, pretty smiles, each other. DREAM GIG: Your basement. […]

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Q&A: Sarah Darling


Almost a decade into her career, Sarah Darling has collected enough experience to impart a little wisdom upon up-and-coming artists. The singer/songwriter moved from small-town Iowa to Nashville when she was 20 and worked her way into a long-term music career, waiting tables before eventually catching a break and signing her first deal with Black […]

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Daily Discovery: P.J. Pacifico, “This Is My Heart” (ft. Garrison Starr)


East coaster P.J. Pacifico has built a name for himself over the past few years, gaining credibility in indie singer/songwriter circles for his serene and thoughtful brand of introspective folk/pop.  A new album “Overlooking The Obvious,” was produced by Kit Karlson (of Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers) and is due out in early November of […]

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Daily Discovery: Bear Cub, “I’ve Been Around”


Late ’60s themes of freedom and migration blend nicely with the ‘new Nashville’ ethos. “I’ve Been Around” is a McCartney-inspired ‘moving on’ tune from Pittsburgh-turned-Tennessee transplants Bear Cub. ARTIST: Bear Cub (answers are from band leader Jesse Hall) SONG: I’ve Been Around BIRTHDATE: Bear Cub – March, 2010 Jesse Hall – 4/3/82 HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA […]

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Daily Discovery: One Arm Train, “I’m Nobody”


ARTIST: One Arm Train SONG: I’m Nobody HOMETOWN: Memphis, TN CURRENT LOCATION: Nashville, TN AMBITIONS: Write songs that inspire people; become pro-wrestlers /astrophysicists TURN-OFFS: Girls who use the word “literally” when they don’t “literally” mean it, pretentiousness, girls that act more drunk than they really are. TURN-ONS: Intelligence, Wittiness, being attractive… DREAM GIG: Opening for […]

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Daily Discovery: Ghost Beach, “Moon Over Japan”


Channelling the groove-driven hooks of Steve Winwood and the raw emotion of Tears for Fears, with Moon Over Japan Brooklyn “tropical grit-pop” duo Ghost Beach manage to tap into urban synth-pop zeitgeist without sacrificing traditional musicality or authentic feeling. ARTIST: Ghost Beach SONG: Moon Over Japan CURRENT LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY HOMETOWN: New York City TURN-ONS: analog synths and […]

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Daily Discovery: Friends of Lola, “Waste of Two Good Arms”


Friends of Lola are a young Nashville 3-piece with a lot of potential. With sweet harmonies, great lyrics, and a very of-the-moment vibe, we get the sense we’ll be hearing a lot more in the near future. We came across their music after they entered the Durango Boots Sole Performer contest and liked it so much we […]

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Daily Discovery: The Delta Saints, “Liar”


ARTIST: The Delta Saints SONG: Liar HOMETOWN: We come from all over. I (Ben Ringel) am form Pineville, LA. Our drummer (Ben Azzi) and bass player (David Supica) are from just outside of Kansas City, KS. Our guitar player (Dylan Fitch) is from Clarksville, TN, and our organ player (Nate Kremer) is from Louisville, KY. […]

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Daily Discovery: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, “Firecracker”


“I love Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Bog Segar, Feist, Souls of Mischief, and Mason Jennings,” says Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. “My simple goal is to pursue this craft as honestly as possible, devoid of smoke and mirrors…to tour around the world and live a beautiful musical life.”

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Daily Discovery: Caleb Hawley, “Little Miss Sunshine”


We can’t stop listening to Caleb Hawley. Sure, the Midwesterner-turned New Yorker is a songwriter’s songwriter with a resume that includes awards from the New York Songwriters Circle Contest (2008 and 2009), the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (2009), the Telluride Festival (2010) and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (2010). But that’s not why we like […]

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Daily Discovery: Sam Minelli, “Preacher’s Daughter”


ARTIST: Sam Minelli SONG: Preachers Daughter BIRTHDAY: 12/10/1990 HOMETOWN: Hamilton, OH AMBITIONS: Songwriting in general, the story telling of it all. I’m also very interested in fitness and I’d like to personal train on the side. CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: I don’t know, my whole family SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen […]

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Daily Discovery: Daniel Crane, “Stoplights”


ARTIST: Daniel Crane SONG: Stoplights BIRTHDATE: 8/18/1989 HOMETOWN: Mobile, AL CURRENT LOCATION: Nashville, TN AMBITION: To be an inherently good person TURN-OFFS: Thoughtlessness TURN-ONS: Kindness DREAM GIG: To play at the Kokua Festival in Hawaii 5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Frank Sinatra, Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw. MY […]

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