Holiday Gear Guide: Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster

Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster List Price: $1,099 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of Fender’s off-set guitar models. The Mustang, Jazzmaster, and Jaguar (to name just a few) have always held a unique, and in my humble opinion, frequently under-appreciated position in the Fender family for most guitar players. […]

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DRM in the U.K.


Frustrated British music retailers are pushing for a DRM-free holiday season…

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Another Radiohead Retrospective


Did they change the music biz?

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Music Pirates Refuse to Give Up


And plan to create another OiNK…

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Fender Buys Kaman


Fender set to acquire Kaman Music Corporation for $117 million

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