Check Out These Never Before Seen Photos Of Carole King

King 9

On June 9, 1959, a young Carole King made her way to RCA’s Studio B in New York City to record the songs “Short-Mort” and “Queen of the Beach.” She was 17 at the time. She co-wrote those tunes with her partner, Gerry Goffin, who was present at the session, along with publisher Al Nevins […]

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Hear Hollis Brown Cover The Velvet Underground’s Loaded On Hollis Brown Gets Loaded

hollis brown gets loaded

The Band: Hollis Brown The Album: Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, a song-for-song recreation of The Velvet Underground’s 1970 classic, Loaded. The album (vinyl only,  and limited to 500 copies) drops April 19, in support of Record Store Day. Fun Fact: To support Gets Loaded, Hollis Brown are heading out on tour with ’60s garage rock […]

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Nathaniel Rateliff

nathaniel rateliff

Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff was raised in a devoutly religious family in rural Missouri. He taught himself to play the drums at age seven, and gravitated to the guitar at age thirteen. As a teenager he moved to Denver, Colorado, where he worked on the docks for a trucking company. But he could only tolerate it […]

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Song Premiere: NEEDTOBREATHE, “More Heart Less Attack”


The Artist:  Iconic South Carolina rockers NEEDTOBREATHE The Song: “More Heart Less Attack,” from their new album Rivers in the Wasteland, out April 15th. Fun Fact: About 90% of Rivers in the Wasteland is live takes, a result of wanting to keep the album simple and true to the band. Songwriter Says: “This is the record closer and I think […]

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Song Premiere: Collin Herring, “Psychopaths”

collin herring

The Artist: Acclaimed Texas singer-songwriter Collin Herring The Song: “Psychopaths,” from his fifth album Some Knives. True Story: The album features instrumental contributions from Herring’s father, who was battling cancer at the time of recording (his cancer has since gone into remission). Songwriter Says: “This was written on a sunny day in September and from […]

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Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” Wins ACM Song Of The Year


At this year’s ACM Awards in Las Vegas, country artist Lee Brice took home the Song Of The Year Award for “I Drive Your Truck,” the third single from 2012′s Hard To Love. The no. 1 hit is written from the perspective of a man whose driving a truck that belonged to his brother, a […]

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Scarlett Rabe

scarlett rabe

Singer-songwriter Scarlett Rabe grew up without the influence of pop music or TV. Instead, she immersed herself in classical music. “My [early] songs sounded just like Mozart, only with the lyrics of a six year old girl,”says the piano-playing prodigy. We asked Rabe about her rocking new EP Scarlett, her unusual upbringing, her approach to […]

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Song Premiere: Lili Haydn, “Sea of Gold”

lili haydn

The Artist: Lili Haydn, the “Jimi Hendrix of violin,” according to funk legend George Clinton. The Song: “Sea Of Gold,” from  her new EP How I Got My Brains Back, out April 15th. Songwriter Says: This tune was inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth, in which he describes a woman who dreamt of herself […]

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Song Premiere: Roto’s Magic Act, “Chronically”

rotos magicactrickedwards4

The Artist:  Neo-classic rockers Roto’s Magic Act, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist James Rotondi. The Song: “Chronically,” from the band’s debut album Into The Unknown, out May 13. Fun Fact: Rotondi is a former member of Mr. Bungle and the French electro-pop band Air. He’s also a contributor to Bob Schneider’s song circle, a group of songwriters […]

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Video Premiere: Emily Wolfe, “Violent Veins”

emily wolfe

The Artist: Emily Wolfe, a “dream rocker” from Austin, Texas with a captivating voice. The Video:  ”Violent Veins,” shot in Andy Warhol-inspired studio during the Austin City Limits Festival. Fun Fact: Wolfe is a badass guitar player, and isn’t afraid to use a smoke machine. Songwriter Says: “‘Violent Veins’ is a reflection of a semi-superstitious […]

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Song Premiere: Bailiff, “Helicopter”


The Artist: Blues loving, Chicago-based eclectic rock three-piece  Bailiff The Song: “Helicopter,” from the band’s new album Remise, out April 22. Fun Fact: Bailiff was formed when singer-guitarist Josh Seigel dropped out of Berklee and put up a Craigslist ad for seeking band members. Songwriter Says: “Helicopter was written around the jungle setting that the […]

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The Vevo Guest List: The Best Live Bruce Springsteen Videos


Bruce Springsteen is the consummate live performer, putting on transcendent, marathon concerts year after year. Here’s a guide to some of his greatest onstage moments from his official Vevo page. (Note: I grew up wearing out my VHS of Video Anthology 1978-1988, so many of the selections came from there.) To watch these videos as […]

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