A People’s History of American Songwriter: Vernell Hackett


For our 30th Anniversary issue, we asked staffers past and present to recount their experience at the magazine.  Vernell Hackett: Editor-in-Chief, Co-Owner (1984-2004) When I was editor of Country News, a country music consumer publication, we invited songwriter Even Stevens to write a column for us on songwriting. It was an immediate hit, and mail came flooding […]

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Mickey Newbury: Write Heart Songs, Not Clever Hooks


The only thing better than hearing a great Mickey Newbury song is hearing Mickey Newbury sing his great songs in a live performance.

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Alan Jackson Follows Dream To Nashville


It’s that “aw shucks” and boy-next-door style that has endeared Alan Jackson to the many fans who have started listening to him since his first hit.

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NEIL DIAMOND: Collaboration Works on “Moon”


But writing with Neil Diamond was like writing with any great writer.

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MARTIN PAGE: Page Finds Writing With Top Artists A Must

Martin Page has been in love music since he was five years old. He maintains that one of his biggest thrills is to go to Tower Records and say “Give me as much music as you can for this amount of money.

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CLINT BLACK: A Constant Songwriter


For Clint Black, it’s a whole new ballgame.

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MUSIC PUBLISHING: State of the Industry

Pertinent questions posed to publishers…

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TOBY KEITH: Writing Amid Controversy


Toby Keith talks about recent controversial “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American).”

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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Still Writing and Singing for the Common Man

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen and Merle Haggard have much in common as songwriters.

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MARILYN BERGMAN: ‘Drifted’ Into Songwriting


Marilyn Bergman Continues to Write and Touch People with Her Songs

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JUDY COLLINS: Late Bloomer as Songwriter


It’s hard to believe that Judy Collins has a 40-plus year career in music…

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JOHNNY CASH: Writing Songs That Made a Difference


Songs that make a difference in someone’s life are the kinds of songs that we should hear every day.

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