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Emily Robinson

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Lyric Contest Winners: January/February 2015

1st Place “Lost and Found” Kristen Sullivan Oxford, Georgia Lyrics Q&A Feature 2nd Place “Instead of Roses” Mary...


Lyric Contest Winners: July/August 2014

1st Place “Smoke” Matt Jordan Glencoe, Missouri Lyrics Q&A Feature 2nd Place “I Didn’t Count On You” Debbie...


Lyric Contest Winners: March/April 2015

  1st Place “No Such Thing (As You And Me)” Owen Danoff Washington, D.C. Lyrics Q&A Feature 2nd...


Lyric Contest Winners: May/June 2015

1ST PLACE  “Marriage Ain’t The End of Being Lonely” Emily Robinson Chattanooga, Tennessee Lyrics Q&A Feature 2ND PLACE...