Nashville Songwriters On Bob Dylan


(Tom Hambridge during a tour stop as an opening act for Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan is regarded as one of history’s greatest songwriters, and has been an inspiration to countless artists of every genre. American Songwriter asked some of Nashville’s best-known writers to weigh in on what Dylan has meant to them over the years. […]

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Behind the Song: “The Gambler”


Johnny Cash cut it. Bobby Bare cut it. Under the name “Charlie Tango,” Conway Twitty’s son, Michael Twitty, cut it. Even the songwriter himself, Don Schlitz, cut it, as well as other people whose names are a distant Music Row memory. But when Kenny Rogers and producer Larry Butler finally recorded “The Gambler,” Schlitz was […]

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Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Lyrics: Nashville Songwriters Weigh In


The lyrics to Lady Gaga’s upcoming single “Judas” aren’t all much of a secret anymore, thanks to the leaks, both accurate and inaccurate, that the Internet has spawned. The song, focusing on the singer’s romantic obsession with the man who betrayed Jesus, is going to infuriate some and go right over the heads of many. […]

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Nashville Songwriter Series: Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer

(PHOTO: Bobby Fischer, co-writer of Reba McEntire’s “You Lie” and hundreds of other songs during a successful 40-year Nashville career.) Around 1970, when he was in his mid-30s, Bobby Fischer did something most people would consider insane or suicidal or both. He quit his prized, long-tenured day job with a major farm implement company near […]

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