The Dirt Drifters: Country Music With A Kick

dirt drifters

After almost five years of drifting dirty and adamantly maintaining creative control, Nashville-based country on-the-risers The Dirt Drifters finally released their debut, This Is My Blood. The title is aptly chosen with the years of sweat poured into the country record, which melds classic rock, blue-collar sentiment and the influences that come from having band […]

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Behind the Song: “The Gambler”


Johnny Cash cut it. Bobby Bare cut it. Under the name “Charlie Tango,” Conway Twitty’s son, Michael Twitty, cut it. Even the songwriter himself, Don Schlitz, cut it, as well as other people whose names are a distant Music Row memory. But when Kenny Rogers and producer Larry Butler finally recorded “The Gambler,” Schlitz was […]

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