Daily Discovery: Jutty Ranx, “I See You”

jutty ranx

Formed in early 2012, the Los Angeles-based group goes beyond the typical electronic-music method of creating music. Their first single “I See You” made big waves all over Europe in 2013, receiving a Double-Platinum certification for sales in Italy and massive airplay all over the continent. Jutty Ranx are gearing up for the release of their debut […]

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Washed Out Played Sasquatch

Washed Out 5 (2011)

Perry, Georgia’s dance whiz Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, has signed to Sub Pop for the release of his debut full-length, Within And Without, this July. But in October, during Next BIG Nashville, Greene told us he had been working on some acoustic tracks, but he thought it was too much of a departure from […]

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Fergus & Geronimo


Fergus & Geronimo Unlearn – which comes from the fertile minds of Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage and from the fertile music scene of Denton, Texas – goes in a lot of different directions. It shows a certain musical dexterity to be able to pull off the ’60s 6/8 doo-wop  balladry of “Powerful Lovin’,” then […]

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Foxes In Fiction


Foxes In Fiction is Warren Hildebrand, a precocious – at 21 years of age – Bradford Cox acolyte who creates diaphanous, lo-fi pop music in his bedroom in Toronto. He’s been busy over the last year – running a record label and putting out several records. The EP Alberto comes from Orchid Tapes, a cassettes-only […]

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Neon Indian On Songwriting, Gear, And Next Album


Alan Palomo started his solo project Neon Indian out of the ashes of two different bands, Ghosthustler and Vega (the latter still exists). It was a natural move for the synth-wielding Texan, who had come to better understand what he wanted in songwriting and production through the band experiences. Then when Psychic Chasms exploded on […]

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Seams, Keepaway, The Glass, Guards


Seams Download “Hung Markets” for free on Bandcamp Anyone who has listened to Seams’ Tourist EP (Pictures Music) already knows the story of the album’s creation. It’s hard not to think about a young James Welch wandering around his adopted city of Berlin for a summer, recording street voices with his phone. Those bits form […]

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The Chromeo Show: Behind The Gear With P-Thugg


When Chromeo played Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom back in September, band members P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) and Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) used a dizzying area of sounds to bring their electrofunk show to life. “Our setup is a combination of electronic and live instruments,” says P-Thugg, writing over e-mail a few weeks after the Nashville show. Onstage, […]

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MGMT Reveals Third Album Title In Nashville


“Yeah, this is a big deal. ‘Cause we’re not joking,” says Andrew VanWyngarden, sipping yerba maté in a tiny teacup in one of the dressing rooms backstage at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. “Yeah, we’re not joking,” adds Ben Goldwasser, the other principal of MGMT, sitting next to VanWyngarden on the couch. Last week, MGMT played their […]

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10 Artists To See At MoogFest


Whether your thing is knob-twiddling IDMers, dance, funk bands or psych-rock, MoogFest has you covered. And, wisely, they’ve programmed it so that fans will have to make some hard decisions. Girl Talk or Panda Bear? Thievery Corporation or Jonsi? Here are 10 artists we don’t want to miss. MGMT and Kuroma Okay, technically two bands. […]

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Bonnaroo Promoter Preps Asheville For Halloween Weekend’s MoogFest


MGMT is playing MoogFest on Friday night. Over Halloween weekend, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, partiers, ravers and electronic music freaks will all descend on the mountain hamlet town of Asheville, North Carolina, for the first-ever MoogFest, celebrating the art and innovation of Robert Moog, who made Asheville his home in 1978. The festival promoter, AC Entertainment, […]

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Javelin Interview: NBN 2010


“I’ve heard the phrase ‘the L.A. of the east’ and I’ve heard the phrase ‘L.A. is the Nashville of the west’… on acid.” – Tom Van Buskirk Tom Van Buskirk calls Javelin’s two Akai MPCs “our bread and butter.” His cousin, George Langford, echoes him, saying, “That’s the engine of the whole thing.” Standing in […]

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Yeasayer Interview: NBN 2010


Yeasayer’s Chris Keating outside the Cannery Ballroom on Friday night of Next Big Nashville 2010. Photo by Laura Brown. Yeasayer has emerged as one of the finest bands in the pop world. After the release of All Hours Cymbals in 2007, the band signed with Secretly Canadian and released Odd Blood, a record that in […]

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