Emily Jane White: Ode to Sentience

Emily Jane White Ode to Sentience (Terrorbird) Rating: 3 stars Brooding, melancholy and languid are adjectives often applied to White’s work and also describe her third release. Strings, barely there drums, pedal steel and electric guitar still leave room for an emotional ambiance that White fills with lilting, near ghostly vocals and almost painfully introspective […]

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Song Premiere/Free Download: Emily Jane White, “Requiem Waltz”

Emily Jane White

Gothic folk artist Emily Jane White wrote “Requiem Waltz” back in 2009, when she was living in an abandoned house. Her living quarters have improved since then, and so have her musical prospects. NPR, Pitchfork, and The Fader have all sung her praises recently. The song appears on her new album, To Sentience, out June […]

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