Not An Ordinary Open Mic Night


“This is not an open mic; this is your life,” proclaims an epic faraway voice, echoing throughout the BBC Radio airwaves. The voice belongs to American songwriter and Antifolk leader Lach (pronounced “latch”), a former classical pianist outcasted by the Greenwich Village folk scene for being “too punk.” Rather than conform to what he thought […]

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Eddie’s Attic Open Mic Is A Songwriter’s Sanctuary

Eddies McCrae3

On a Monday night in late January, I spent the evening at Atlanta’s Eddie’s Attic, a songwriting venue that has catered exclusively to songwriters for the past twenty years. Each week the Attic hosts an open mic competition that has been responsible for discovering popular artists such as John Mayer, Jennifer Nettles (of Sugarland) and […]

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Q&A: Ben Krieger of The Sidewalk Cafe


Many have ventured to Sidewalk Café’s Monday Night Open Stage in hopes of getting their artistic chops seen and heard, but few have dug deep enough into the inner workings of this well-oiled, albeit, mysterious machine and uncovered how shows are actually booked, how the Antifolk Festival is scheduled, and what it takes to make […]

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The Mediator Stage: Goosebumps And Great Music


(Tania Alexander performs during an open mic at The Mediator Stage.) Tania Alexandra, seated at a baby grand piano, turns around and breaks into an awkward grin. The piano at The Mediator Stage in Providence, Rhode Island, faces away from the audience in this old church, stage right. Colored lights play the dust on it. […]

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