Getting To Know: James McCartney

James mccartney 2012

James McCartney’s The Complete EP Collection is a killer assortment of tightly-crafted rock anthems. Produced by David Kahne and his famous Beatle father (Paul McCartney, you may have heard of him), the album has rightfully racked up critical acclaim on both sides of the pond. The occasionally press-shy McCartney shared with us his thoughts on […]

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James McCartney Lists His Favorite Guitars

james mccartney

If Paul McCartney was getting his start today, he might sound something like James McCartney. Macca’s son, 34, makes music that reflects a contemporary indie-rock influence, as well as an appreciation for the classics. McCartney’s first full-length, The Complete EP Collection, produced by David Kahne and Paul McCartney, shows off his impressive chops, as well […]

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