American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs Of 2014

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50. Angaleena Presley” “Ain’t No Man” This kind of thing shouldn’t work at all. Over a gritty acoustic blues riff, Holler Annie unleashes a volley of imaginative similes to inflate a small-town girl to tall-tale dimensions. But her soft-focus vocals, complete with a wink and a nudge, make the word games sound almost as fun as […]

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American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs Of 2012

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50. Diamond Rugs, “Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant” John McCauley gets drunk, finds an out-of-tune piano, and sings the loneliest, saddest Christmas carol imaginable, somehow managing to rhyme “how’s the ham?” with “moo goo gai pan.” Best part: a street-corner Santa digs a saxophone out of a dumpster and solos on the bridge. 49. Beach […]

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American Songwriter’s Top 50 Songs Of 2011

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Listen to all of the songs on our Top 50 list on Spotify (with a few exceptions) by clicking the button below. View our Albums Of The Year list here. 50. Smith Westerns: “All Die Young” These Chicago art-rockers smirk at the intensity of young love, but only out of fear and maybe even awe. […]

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